Our Team

Leadership Team

Gretta Pecl Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS
Kirsty Nash Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS
Jess Melbourne-Thomas CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere / CMS
Camilla Novaglio Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS
Karen Alexander Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS

Traditional and Indigenous Working Group

Nuunoq (Per Ole Frederiksen)
The Pisuna Project, Attu, Greenland
Nuunoq is a small boat fisherman and receiver of the Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize 2018 on behalf of the PISUNA-net Local Observations database in Greenland (PISUNA is a world leading project focussed on community based monitoring).
Chief Nang Jingwas (Russ Jones)
Hereditary Chief, Haida Nation, Canada
Chief Nang Jingwas has extensive knowledge of ocean management including integrated marine use plans, fisheries, marine protected areas and shipping. Hereditary Chief; Retired as Manager, Marine Planning Program, Council of the Haida Nation in 2017
Suteji Hugu
Regional Coordinator for East Asia, ICCA Consortium
Hugu is based in Pongso no Tao in Taiwan, and in 2000 co-founded the Cultural Taiwan Consortium, a national NGO that works towards an integrated national identity by seeking connectedness to the land and nature. He assisted in launching the Taiwan Indigenous Conserved Territories Union (TICTU), which today federates 748 tribal communities. Hugu’s vision of restoring Indigenous territories is about tribal communities deeply embedded in their ecological habitats; indigenous rights fully implemented by traditional institutions; local knowledge and land ethics adaptively applied; and collaborative livelihoods achieving common wellness for all living beings.
Grace Dom
Legal and Policy Consultant, with the Wildlife Conservation Society
Grace is a Legal and Policy Consultant, with the Wildlife Conservation Society. She has degrees from the University of Papua New Guinea and the Australian National University, and has worked for several organisations as a legal and policy consultant.
Kimberley Maxwell
University of Waikato, New Zealand
Kimberly delivers high quality science that supports sustainable fisheries and aquaculture outcomes for New Zealand. In particular, improving Maori cultural, social and economic well-being and caring for our aquatic environments through kaitiakitanga.
Dean Greeno
Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education / CMS, Australia
Dean was born on Flinders Island in 1967. Moving to Launceston in 1972, he continued to return to the island each year to go fishing with his Father and Grandfather, gaining a clear understanding of boat skills and first hand knowledge about life at sea that forms an important part of his family heritage. Greeno's arts practice centres primarily on sculpture. It draws heavily upon his Palwa Connections to culture and country, the journey of his people have been on through pre- and post-colonial times, and their future cultural path. An important aspect of this are the effects of climate change on cultural practice and relationships with colonists on this issue.

Team Members

Carla Sbrocchi
University of Technology Sydney / CMS
Danielle Smith
School of Law, University of Tasmania / CMS
Cecilia Villanueva
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS
Katie Cresswell
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania
Marcus Haward
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS
Mark Hemer
CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere / CMS
Graham Wood
School of Humanities, UTAS / CMS
Michelle Voyer
Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security / University of Wollongong
Erica Spain
Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / Antarctic Gateway Partnership

future seas

FUTURE SEAS is a unique collaboration , spear-headed by the Centre for Marine Socioecology, of over 100 researchers from the University of Tasmania (UTAS), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and other institutions
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