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Safeguarding marine life

2. Safeguarding Marine Life

Conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems


Our paper is focused on improving conservation of marine ecosystems. Main goals include more holistic management - integrating across sectors and scales. We fundamentally depend on marine biodiversity and ecosystem structure and function. Critical marine ecosystem services include maintenance of global nutrient, oxygen, and carbon cycles, production of vital resources such as fisheries and energy, and the sustenance of cultural and mental wellbeing. However, whilst global biodiversity and ecosystems remain under increasing pressure from our rapidly changing climate and expanding human populations and their demands on marine ecosystems availability of these vital services are set to decline. The fundamental challenge is therefore to safeguard ecosystem biodiversity, function, and adaptive capacity into the future against increasing competing demands and stressors on marine resources.


Lead Investigators

Delphi Ward

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

Cayne Layton

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies


Graham Edgar


Meet our fellow team members who contribute to the success of this project.

Emma Cavan

Imperial College London

Rick Stuart-Smith

Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies

Jan Jansen

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

Asta Audzijonyte

Camilla Novaglio

Camilla Novaglio

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS

Chris Mull

Dalhousie University

Jayson Semmens

Karen Evans

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere
Lyn Goldsworthy

Lyn Goldsworthy

Phillipa McCormack

Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania / CMS

Rowan Trebilco

CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere / Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS

Heather Hunt

University of New Brunswick

Jennifer Lavers

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

Mary-Anne Lea

Narissa Bax

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies / CMS

Jan Shaw

Scott Ling

Tatiana van Steveninck

Leiden University

Madi Green

University of Tasmania / CMS / Otlet

Madeleine Brasier

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

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FUTURE SEAS is a unique collaboration , spear-headed by the Centre for Marine Socioecology, of over 100 researchers from the University of Tasmania (UTAS), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and other institutions
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