Introduction: Meeting the Ocean, for the first time


Introduction: meeting the Ocean [for the first time]. On the 20th March 2017 the New Zealand government enshrined into law that the Whanganui River is a legal entity, having rights and responsibilities just as a human person. This was perceived as a massive victory for Ma¯ori in getting their understanding of the river recognized in a contemporary Common Law system, and points to the central question of this preface - who is the Ocean from Indigenous and traditional viewpoints? It points to acknowledgement of the Ma¯ori worldview for not just the rivers but the Ocean and all life on Earth. The Future Seas 2030 initiative and associated research is starting from a profound new point of departure - Who is the Ocean? This Preface captures the voices and knowledge of the involved Indigenous and local-traditional peoples, communities and authors who are working together with marine practitioners to assess, study and ultimately save our Mother Ocean.


Lead Investigators


Tero Mustonen

Snowchange Cooperative, Finland.


Eero Murtomäki

Eero Murtomäki

Snowchange Cooperative, Finland Hunter, Photographer.


Meet our fellow team members who contribute to the success of this project.

Kimberley Maxwell

University of Waikato, New Zealand
Kaisu Mustonen

Kaisu Mustonen

Snow Change Cooperative, Finland
Russ Jones

Chief Nang Jingwas (Russ Jones)

Hereditary Chief, Haida Nation, Canada
Halfdan Pedersen

Halfdan Pedersen

Pikkoritta Consult, Aasiaat, Greenland
Per Ole Frederiksen

Nuunoq (Per Ole Frederiksen)

The Pisuna Project, Attu, Greenland
Dean Greeno

Dean Greeno

Riawunna Centre for Aboriginal Education / CMS, Australia
Suteji Hugu

Suteji Hugu

Regional Coordinator for East Asia, ICCA Consortium

Mibu Fischer

CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere / CMS
Jamie Graham-Blair

Jamie Graham-Blair

Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Australia

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FUTURE SEAS is a unique collaboration , spear-headed by the Centre for Marine Socioecology, of over 100 researchers from the University of Tasmania (UTAS), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and other institutions
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